Netflix/Marvel’s LUKE CAGE has the…1…2 punch to keep you in your seat and watching the small screen!

luke cage 0

Before Black Panther became a movie blockbuster hit, there was the quiet-as-kept Luke Cage, another MARVEL gem. Available for streaming, the Netflix original (Luke Cage) is accessible through almost any portable device or video game console; along with your smart TV.

Luke Cage tells the story of a wrongly accused man (Mike Colter) who manages to escape prison with his new found super powers. He makes his way to Harlem, New York where he is met with both admiration from the community and hatred by the local criminal element.

The series is a highly recommended must-see. The writing is ingenius, casting gets a “thumb’s up,” warddrobing is authentic and the director did a spectacular job bringing each episode together. This a well-crafted piece of cinema. See for yourself!

“I Ain’t No Hero…!” ~Luke Cage

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