The S. Savage Factor: An Interview With Samad Savage

The Rhorie Drey Fashion Blog would like to welcome our Featured Talent of the Day, Samad Savage:

R.D.: How’s everything shakin’ young homie? We appreciate you being a part of this interview…

S.S.: Life is so good, Thank God.

R.D.: Tell us a lil about yourself…where are you originally from?

S.S.: I’m born and raised in Montclair, NJ. I spent a lot of my time growing up in Newark and East Orange by having weekends with family members. It gave me a wide scope of what America truly is, good and bad.

R.D.: How long have you been rapping or do you prefer the term MC’ing?

S.S.: I wrote my first song when I was 10 and recorded my first track at 14, but decided this is what I was supposed to do at 17. I consider myself an MC, but I play the rap game well.

R.D.: What motivates or drives you when it comes to rhyming? Tell us a lil more about the source of your inspiration…

S.S.: To be honest, the endless possibilities. You can use the same rhymes in countless ways. I’m inspired by life situations to be honest.

R.D.: How would you describe your rap style or lyrical flow in (3) words?

S.S.: Versatile, Unpredictable, Surgical.

R.D.: What are your thoughts about the direction of Hip Hop in today’s era?

S.S.: It’s not being watered down, it’s expanding. Boom Bap is still alive even if it ain’t on the radio and Trap is meant for certain people. It’s not for everyone to understand.

R.D.: Ol’ Skool Hip Hop or New Age Trap Sound?

S.S.: Let’s stop saying it’s so different, I’m a fan of all hip hop if it’s good music. Marshall Mather’s LP a classic, To Pimp a Butterfly is becoming a classic and 10 years from now, AstroWorld will be classic. Bet.

R.D.: Now onto the world of fashion…can you tell us about your fashion sense? Are you a “brand-buyer” or a “free-spirit” dresser?

S.S.: I guess free spirit because I’ll never be a slave to the norm, I do what I want. I do like some Calvin Klein though.

R.D.: Does the culture have any influence on the way you dress?

S.S.: Only certain people, Especially the weirdoes because I relate.

R.D.: Are you familiar with Rhorie Drey Brand or Rhorie Drey H.E.F.?

S.S.: To be honest not at all.

R.D.: Do you have any newly-released or upcoming projects on the horizon?

S.S.: Go get “The Grey Area” and there will be something new, but if you listen to my latest, you’ll agree that album takes a lil time to digest.

R.D.: Who would say is your favorite artist or musician?

S.S.: Stevie Wonder. A lot of people think Micheal Jackson is the GOAT, but I feel Wonder had more range and better song writer skills. Micheal had the advantage of being able to see so his dance skills made him the most ENTERTAINING of all time.

R.D.: Other than rap, what is something most people don’t realize you do?

S.S.: I engineer, you know, Mix and Master. I also produce and have been since 8. I won best male dancer in my highschool yearbook haha.

R.D.: Have you thought about acting or directing a film?

S.S.: Yes, I suck with memory though, so I’m unsure.

R.D.: What would you love to do the most for your community?

S.S.: Create more mental health facilities and rehabilitation centers in Newark and East Orange, then Camden.

R.D.: Any inspiring words for the generation coming up after you?

S.S.: Trust The Weird Kid,  He’s Onto Something.

R.D.: Can you bless us with an exclusive (video) freestyle?

S.S.: Sorry, I want to, but I have too much going on at the moment. Not that it’s not important, but there’s a lot of content on

R.D.: Thank you for your time…once again we appreciate you!

S.S.: God Bless you and nothing, but love to you and your loved ones.

Pay close attention to this young star in the making…Samad Savage, everyone!

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