Dame Dash: Gotta Respect His Hustle!

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A native of Harlem, USA, Dame Dash was an early pioneer of marketing and branding; in terms of hip hop. Enter Roc-A-Fella, alongside rapper/businessman Jay-Z and business partner Kareem Burke, the ultimate tri-fecta!

Even after the dissolution of hip hop’s premier clique, Dash still represents the true essence of what it means to hustle. Dame Dash has faced numerous setbacks during his professional career as well as personal life. From broken marriages to losing his love, Aaliyah; these experiences would have crushed the average man. Dame’s “never quit” mentally is prevalent in virtually every word he speaks, which certainly needs to be emulated by others. Not too many in his industry have such a high level of perseverance and focus. Even with the legal issues he has faced, D. Dash manages to come out on top or at the least break even.

Dame Dash is an experienced director, actor, film producer, writer, record executive, media proprietor and entrepreneur. This is quite a number of accomplishments for one person. When not spending quality time with loved ones, Dame Dash is consistently building and maintaining his various brands. Dash founded DD172, a media collective which encompasses: America Nu, a magazine; VNGRD79, a web design firm; BluRoc Records, a record label division. It also includes an art gallery. He curates a visual streaming platform, similar to the likes of Netflix, through his Dame Dash Studios imprint. Dash offers quality products and services for sale from his Poppington brand site.

Whatever you do don’t count this man out or doubt his drive or ambition. Dame Dash is sure to show you that he doesn’t just talk-the-talk but he can walk-the-walk.

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The RHORIE DREY HEF radio show only on the Stationhead app!!!


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Netflix/Marvel’s LUKE CAGE has the…1…2 punch to keep you in your seat and watching the small screen!

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Before Black Panther became a movie blockbuster hit, there was the quiet-as-kept Luke Cage, another MARVEL gem. Available for streaming, the Netflix original (Luke Cage) is accessible through almost any portable device or video game console; along with your smart TV.

Luke Cage tells the story of a wrongly accused man (Mike Colter) who manages to escape prison with his new found super powers. He makes his way to Harlem, New York where he is met with both admiration from the community and hatred by the local criminal element.

The series is a highly recommended must-see. The writing is ingenius, casting gets a “thumb’s up,” warddrobing is authentic and the director did a spectacular job bringing each episode together. This a well-crafted piece of cinema. See for yourself!

“I Ain’t No Hero…!” ~Luke Cage

Superfly (2018)…the underrated remake!


Even with some minor directorial miscues, the Future (rapper) co-signed/produced motion-picture [Superfly (2018)] was still an overall quality production. The attention to detail in fashion and dress featured in the film was on point from top to bottom. The flick starred movie newcomer Trevor Jackson who did a wonderful job of playing as Youngblood Priest in the 2018 revival of Superfly. We look forward to seeing many more next-level projects from Team FUTURE! Salute!