The Race Conundrum: Blacks vs. Everyone



You are probably looking at the title thinking “why so negative?” or “why he think like that?” But if you are a black man or black woman, you’d be questioning too why all of the other races hate us so much? It’s a shame because we even hate ourselves. Let me explain…

The year is 2020, racism hasn’t really gone anywhere. As a matter of fact, it’s back stronger than ever somewhat primarily due to the internet and social media. In this day and age, every disaster, catastrophe or brutal slaying seems amplified. I won’t dare put all the blame on the internet or social media even though it appears that way. These digital platforms can be great, helpful tools to promote a new product or connect with someone on the other end of the planet. How does the saying go…one bad apple can spoil the bunch?! Basically, you have plenty of misguided, mindless drones in the world who are sadistic in character. Some individuals don’t know any better or possibly don’t care because they are heartless. I say that to say this, in terms of race, these statements are all relative.

There is an aristocracy consisting of the wealthy 1% – 2% of the Earth’s population who wants nothing more than to see Black people erased. For whatever reason, it is a permanent and systemic agenda within humanity whether one believes it or not. The genocidal extermination of an entire culture and/or civilization has been in process for centuries. Guess what? We are also contributing to our evolutionary decline on this planet. Heard of Black on Black crime? Yep, it exists wherever a concentration of Black persons reside whether in the US and internationally. I bring all this up because it concerns me and it should also concern you too. With the murders and marches, if you weren’t aware before let me be the first to tell you this is a wake-up call! I’m going to make a disclaimer…I’m not advocating violence matching op-positional violence. That final decision is up to you as an individual with a brain.

I’m merely presenting you the reader with a situation for you to analyze and respond accordingly. Excuse me if all this appears negative as well as unsettling but it is the reality of things happening today. Some of our own Black celebrities and politicians are almost content with the way things are because they don’t want to rock the boat. To the credit of several Black public figures, many well-known parties have stepped up in the name of racial equality. But, only after a multitude of public executions have occurred consisting of either innocent or unarmed Blacks. Let us pay respect to those we lost in the struggle – Trayvon Martin, Tamir Rice, Michael Brown, Eric Garner, Philando CastileBreonna Taylor, George Floyd and many others. May their souls be at ease and we honor them in peace. Sorry to rattle your cage but the battle is far from over!

Unbeknownst to everyone, there are alternative lifestyle groups riding the back of the civil rights movement to further their objectives. Not because they just love and support Black people; rather they understand their goals can not be sustained on their own merit. Black people…I implore you…stop being everyone’s red carpet!

Solutions you might ask…I got you! Attend town hall meetings, send letters to your Congressperson, make sure you vote in elections, apply for entry-level positions in your town’s local government, become a community organizer, write a letter to the President if you have to, and if you’re a parent start with your children. Make your voice be heard both literally and figuratively!

GOD SPEED and blessings to all those who are truly in the fight…for our survival!

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FOOD FOR THOUGHT: “Why are human beings are so inherently evil?”

Are you a free thinker and have you ever sat back wondering why are human beings so inherently evil? It would seem that ever since mankind came into existence we were, for the most part, primal savages!

When it involves survival instincts and procreation, the alpha male would seek food, shelter and a mate. Nature almost predominantly groomed societal standards in terms of survival of the fittest. At our core element, human beings are similar to wild animals and maintain a raw, unbridled disposition. We are prone to violent and lustful behaviors when left uninhibited. If an actual real life PURGE ever became a reality, everyone of us would be in grave danger.

Psychologists find themselves in a baffling state trying to figure out why part of the world’s populace commit such heinous acts. There is foreign as well as domestic terrorism, murders, robberies, sexual assaults and lewd public conduct. Is it a mental defect or are these types of actions innately programmed into our DNA? It wasn’t until the average person developed cognitive thinking patterns that we as a people were able to live with some civility. Even in a somewhat civilized, modern society there is an unimaginable amount of heathenistic variables.

Some of us can’t seem to shake our demons and strive for a better way of living. Those voices in our heads appear to have a strong hold on our psyche.

It is up to you as an individual to fight temptation and find your purpose. Nothing truly meaningful is ever handed to you in life.

This is one to grow on…



Black Lives Matter: Look Beyond the Mantra…

blm 1


Although, I would to have agree that Black Lives do Matter but in actuality All Lives Matter! It’s only my opinion that “organized” marches and “staged” sit-ins are outdated yet still effective forms of protest. The major concern would have to be who is really backing and behind the movement of Black Lives Matter? You may call one a conspiracy theorist but is the B.L.M. movement being tailored for us or is it truly grassroots in conception? Some would argue that such a thought is irrelevant. “We all have to start from somewhere.” Ponder this, would you support a watered-down cause that’s financed by rich white elites and/or ran by individuals living alternative lifestyles using blackface as a front? Is there perhaps a secret agenda being quietly injected into the theme of what we witness in mainstream media. Let me be clear, there is nothing wrong with standing up against oppressors in the face of racism, prejudice, and injustice. All I am saying is think first before you hop on the social justice gravy train…all that glitters may not be black gold!

Stay woke…

Our 1st Interview ever for Orlando Fashion Magazine!

Designer Watch: Rising Shirt Designer Rhorie Drey Increases Brand Awareness by Bucking Convential Wisdom

Written by: Mellissa Thomas for Orlando Fashion Magazine

“We cater to those who set trends, not follow them.” – Rhorie Drey

Rhorie Drey took the “chase your dream” maxim quite seriously. He started drawing at the age of three and hasn’t stopped since.

The Montclair, New Jersey native bulldozed through any doubts about his dream job, teaching himself clothing design once he developed an interest in clothing in 1996. He got his hands on Adobe Creative Suite, Corel Draw, good ol’ pencil and paper, and went right to work, drawing inspiration for his youthful yet edgy Rhorie Drey Brand clothing line from music, movies, and prominent designers of that day, including Karl Kani and Fubu.

Why His Own Name as the Brand Name?

Drey explained that his name was the most espousing fit for the brand.

He said he’d come up with several other names, but none of them stuck. He felt more closely bonded to his name, and founded the clothing line on three key principles: “Strength, Leadership & Focus.”

“I feel this clothing line is an extension of me and represents me,” he said. “I can stand behind it wholeheartedly.”

Drey’s website states his clothing line is aimed at “free thinkers” and “non-conformists,” and he lives that mission himself.

How He’s Bucking the Status Quo

He’s not on the Facebook bandwagon. Drey spread himself across a slew of social media outlets: Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Tumblr, YouTube, and Vimeo; but when DOFW asked him why he chose not to have a Facebook fan page, he said, “I attempted that before, and I was getting a response [in terms of] likes, but I feel that the Facebook [approach] is overdone.” He explained that he’s looking to the next greater tool now.

Don’t look for him on Instagram, either. He revealed that Tumblr fulfills the same needs for him that Instagram would in a much more user-friendly way.

In 2012, he aimed for recording artists. He sponsored the famous New York deejay DJ Blazita’s “R&B Summer Jams Vol. 5″ mixtape, which was distributed digitally and physically. The venture also involved her modeling his clothing and plugging his clothing brand throughout the mixtape.

He also sponsored an EP listening session with emerging New Jersey Hip Hop artist Rav.P, who also wore a hoodie from Drey’s line in his music video.

He’s not settling for a fixed brand logo. He’d initially donned a crest (which you can still find in his Men’s t-shirt line), but felt the logo was cliché and has chosen to be fluid with his brand identity, aiming to meet his young customers’ unique taste with custom shirt styles and fonts to suit them. He expressed that he’s “revamping [his] brand right now.”

He prints domestically. In the current age of overseas clothing manufacturing for pennies on the dollar in the name of careless high profits, Drey opts to print his shirts in the U.S., and it shows. His clothing definitely markets to those with slightly deeper pockets to help support printmakers here.

(Hey, they need to eat, too.)

Looking to the Future

Drey’s current plan is to improve on his current designs and develop new ones, and position himself at 2014 tradeshows. He even plans to set up a pop-up shop, which will provide the benefits of a temporary brick-and-mortar location without the backbreaking overhead of having a full-time store.
In the meantime, if you’re a high school senior or college-aged, check out the Rhorie Drey Brand website and buy a shirt or underwear (yes, underwear!) for yourself or a friend at

Dated: 8/9/2013

A Classic Interview with Rhorie Drey Brand founder and chief designer…

Here is an interview @rhoriedreyhef did which never got published. This is a raw re-release.

Interview Corner by Nicole H.
Dated: 8/27/2016

Q: State your name and age for the readers. Spell your name.
A: R*** B********. 40 yrs old. (Name edited for privacy reasons).

Q: How many people in your family? Are your parents still living? Do you have any siblings? State their names and ages.
A: 6. Yes. Yes, 3 Brothers. (Names & ages were never stated for privacy reasons).

Q: Are you single or dating?
A: Single

Q: Where did you go for college? What degree did you get?
A: I didn’t complete college but St John’s University. I have no plans to return.

Q: I understand you are a fashion designer. How did you get into it?
A: It started from my artwork and being creative; transitioned from drawing comic books into designing shirts and articles of clothing.

Q: How long have you been doing it?
A: Started in 1996.

Q: Where do you sell your clothes? From your various interviews, it seems you do it mostly online or possibly on the streets as a vendor?
A: They can purchase an item through social media; We will relaunch an e-commerce website in early fall. Trade shows will do for now.

Q: What is your best selling product?
A: T-shirt with designs, ladies fashion with wording.

Q: Are you interested in the music industry? I ask because there is a connection between music and the fashion industry.
A: Yes. Some of the musicians can be very good salespeople. I would work with hip-hop artists who are willing to work with me.

Q: Are you going to sell in the mall?
A: Yes. Major retailers.

Q: What would you tell someone who asked you for advice about doing the same thing you do?
A: Believe in yourself; don’t give up. Find ways to stay motivated.

Q: Anything else you want to add?
A: Thanks to everyone who has worked with me for their support and for believing in what I produce and what I am trying to do.