The Race Conundrum: Blacks vs. Everyone



You are probably looking at the title thinking “why so negative?” or “why he think like that?” But if you are a black man or black woman, you’d be questioning too why all of the other races hate us so much? It’s a shame because we even hate ourselves. Let me explain…

The year is 2020, racism hasn’t really gone anywhere. As a matter of fact, it’s back stronger than ever somewhat primarily due to the internet and social media. In this day and age, every disaster, catastrophe or brutal slaying seems amplified. I won’t dare put all the blame on the internet or social media even though it appears that way. These digital platforms can be great, helpful tools to promote a new product or connect with someone on the other end of the planet. How does the saying go…one bad apple can spoil the bunch?! Basically, you have plenty of misguided, mindless drones in the world who are sadistic in character. Some individuals don’t know any better or possibly don’t care because they are heartless. I say that to say this, in terms of race, these statements are all relative.

There is an aristocracy consisting of the wealthy 1% – 2% of the Earth’s population who wants nothing more than to see Black people erased. For whatever reason, it is a permanent and systemic agenda within humanity whether one believes it or not. The genocidal extermination of an entire culture and/or civilization has been in process for centuries. Guess what? We are also contributing to our evolutionary decline on this planet. Heard of Black on Black crime? Yep, it exists wherever a concentration of Black persons reside whether in the US and internationally. I bring all this up because it concerns me and it should also concern you too. With the murders and marches, if you weren’t aware before let me be the first to tell you this is a wake-up call! I’m going to make a disclaimer…I’m not advocating violence matching op-positional violence. That final decision is up to you as an individual with a brain.

I’m merely presenting you the reader with a situation for you to analyze and respond accordingly. Excuse me if all this appears negative as well as unsettling but it is the reality of things happening today. Some of our own Black celebrities and politicians are almost content with the way things are because they don’t want to rock the boat. To the credit of several Black public figures, many well-known parties have stepped up in the name of racial equality. But, only after a multitude of public executions have occurred consisting of either innocent or unarmed Blacks. Let us pay respect to those we lost in the struggle – Trayvon Martin, Tamir Rice, Michael Brown, Eric Garner, Philando CastileBreonna Taylor, George Floyd and many others. May their souls be at ease and we honor them in peace. Sorry to rattle your cage but the battle is far from over!

Unbeknownst to everyone, there are alternative lifestyle groups riding the back of the civil rights movement to further their objectives. Not because they just love and support Black people; rather they understand their goals can not be sustained on their own merit. Black people…I implore you…stop being everyone’s red carpet!

Solutions you might ask…I got you! Attend town hall meetings, send letters to your Congressperson, make sure you vote in elections, apply for entry-level positions in your town’s local government, become a community organizer, write a letter to the President if you have to, and if you’re a parent start with your children. Make your voice be heard both literally and figuratively!

GOD SPEED and blessings to all those who are truly in the fight…for our survival!

power fist

A Phoenix Rising: An Interview with singer Gail Campbell

g campbell

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Intro: What’s good everybody? I’m blessed to have the opportunity to interview a strong woman and a powerful songstress…Ms. Gail Campbell!

RD: (opening) Let me first say that it is an honor to have you as the first woman interview for our blog…your presence here is much appreciated!

GC: Hey Bro…. It’s a pleasure to be here… Thank you so much for having me…

RD: How are you doing today?

GC: I’m well…. All of my gigs have been canceled because of this health crisis…. But other than that… I’m so blessed…

RD: What is your mood like at this time?

GC: Mannn…. I’m grateful…. It’s been a great year… and I’m so looking forward to what’s in store…

RD: What was it like for you growing up?

GC: Well…. I had a complicated upbringing…. I had a lot of love …. But we also had a lot of hardship….

I don’t imagine that my life was drastically different than many individuals who grew up in Newark…. Newark is a complicated city…

RD: Where are you originally from?

GC: I’m originally from Newark, Irvington, and East Orange…. Lol… The TriCity…

RD: When did you realize that you had a love for singing/music?

GC: I didn’t realize I had a love for music… because Music was always a part of my life… I come from a family of singers, and artists… So I didn’t see anything special about it… It was just what we do… who I am…. I’m just beginning to realize how special music is and how blessed I am to be one of God’s instruments…

RD: Was your start in music traditionally like other singers…in the church?

GC: No… I wasn’t really raised in the church…. My introduction to music was Heatwave, Blue Magic, Earth Wind and Fire, Aretha, Ella, and Run DMC….LOL… I found the Lord as an adult… and the church definitely helped me find my voice….

RD: In one word, what “title” would you give your musical style?

GC: Avantgarde

RD: What is the source of inspiration for your songs/music?

GC: I’m inspired by brave artists like Basquiat…. by Stanley Ipkiss who is also the PRODUCER of my album BLOODY WATERS…. I’m inspired by the greats like Janis, Muddy, Mahalia, I’m inspired by artists who were ahead of their time…like Kelis…

RD: Would you say that you write a majority of the lyrics or is there a collaborative effort when it comes to content?

GC: I wrote every word of my album except Chops Tha Savior’s verse on OVERDOSE…. I love writing…I know that one day I will have to collaborate on a song…. I think it will take some serious strength for me to put down my ego and accept another person’s input….lol

RD: Who are some of the music producers you’ve worked with in the past until present?

GC: I’ve worked with my Uncle James Mitchell who is a Dope PRODUCER…. I’ve worked with Moises Laporte…. I’ve worked with Ali Sudani… and a few others on joints that I’ve featured on…. but THE SUPER HUMAN PRODUCER STANLEY IPKISS is the PRODUCER of my entire album BLOODY WATERS…. He was hand picked by God to produce this album….

RD: Which one(s) would you say is your favorite music producer(s) to collaborate with?

GC: Each brings a different feel…. For what I wanted to do on BLOODY WATERS, Ipkiss was the man….. When I want to sing a beautiful heartfelt ballad, James is it…. If I’m on the Neo Soul vibe Ali got it…. But it just depends in what my heart wants to sing…..

RD: Which other artist(s) have also worked with and who else should we look for, out of your camp?

GC: I’ve worked with Wise Intelligent of the LEGENDARY PRT, Double O, Tha Savior, Swerv, Vicky Martin.. All if which are a Damn Problem!!!… meaning they are the best in the business….

RD: Do you prefer to be an independent artist or is your goal to sign with a major label?

GC: I wrestled with that thought a lot…. I mean, who wouldn’t want a machine behind them helping them CONQUER this industry…. But I also love the idea of being my own boss, having complete control, getting all my money… lol…. I’m just gonna continue to pray about it….

RD: What is something about your music you’d like people to know that they don’t already know?

GC: Hmmmm….. We that BLOODY WATERS is one one part of my musical expression…. There’s so much more to who I am as an artist….

RD: When it comes to your sense of style, would you say you tend to wear major brands or do you consider yourself a fashion maverick?

GC: Definitely a fashion maverick…. I like to mix and be creative….

RD: What are your favorite colors to wear?

GC: I love all the colors of the rainbow…

RD: Speaking of fashion, have you ever heard of Rhorie Drey Brand or Rhorie Drey HEF?

GC: Yes I have!!!!…. and I’m definitely here for it!!

RD: If given the opportunity, in what ways would you help or give back to your community?

GC: I love my people… I love my community….. I’m an advocate…. anything that needs to be done or said regarding my people, I’m down for whatever!!!… Always have been, always will be…

RD: What motivational or inspirational words you like to give to the next generation of singers/artists?

GC: Go hard…. Don’t compare yourself…. Do you because no one can beat you being you!!!!

RD: Is acting in a movie on the horizon for you?

GC: I’ve actually done a couple of small roles…. and I’m working on another role right now…

RD: Would you mind blessing us with a (video) a capella freestyle?

GC: I’d love to…

RD: We truly appreciate you coming through on this interview…do you have any other kind words for our viewers?


There you have it, everyone! The amazing and gracious…Gail Campbell “A Phoenix Rising!”

The S. Savage Factor: An Interview With Samad Savage

The Rhorie Drey Fashion Blog would like to welcome our Featured Talent of the Day, Samad Savage:

R.D.: How’s everything shakin’ young homie? We appreciate you being a part of this interview…

S.S.: Life is so good, Thank God.

R.D.: Tell us a lil about yourself…where are you originally from?

S.S.: I’m born and raised in Montclair, NJ. I spent a lot of my time growing up in Newark and East Orange by having weekends with family members. It gave me a wide scope of what America truly is, good and bad.

R.D.: How long have you been rapping or do you prefer the term MC’ing?

S.S.: I wrote my first song when I was 10 and recorded my first track at 14, but decided this is what I was supposed to do at 17. I consider myself an MC, but I play the rap game well.

R.D.: What motivates or drives you when it comes to rhyming? Tell us a lil more about the source of your inspiration…

S.S.: To be honest, the endless possibilities. You can use the same rhymes in countless ways. I’m inspired by life situations to be honest.

R.D.: How would you describe your rap style or lyrical flow in (3) words?

S.S.: Versatile, Unpredictable, Surgical.

R.D.: What are your thoughts about the direction of Hip Hop in today’s era?

S.S.: It’s not being watered down, it’s expanding. Boom Bap is still alive even if it ain’t on the radio and Trap is meant for certain people. It’s not for everyone to understand.

R.D.: Ol’ Skool Hip Hop or New Age Trap Sound?

S.S.: Let’s stop saying it’s so different, I’m a fan of all hip hop if it’s good music. Marshall Mather’s LP a classic, To Pimp a Butterfly is becoming a classic and 10 years from now, AstroWorld will be classic. Bet.

R.D.: Now onto the world of fashion…can you tell us about your fashion sense? Are you a “brand-buyer” or a “free-spirit” dresser?

S.S.: I guess free spirit because I’ll never be a slave to the norm, I do what I want. I do like some Calvin Klein though.

R.D.: Does the culture have any influence on the way you dress?

S.S.: Only certain people, Especially the weirdoes because I relate.

R.D.: Are you familiar with Rhorie Drey Brand or Rhorie Drey H.E.F.?

S.S.: To be honest not at all.

R.D.: Do you have any newly-released or upcoming projects on the horizon?

S.S.: Go get “The Grey Area” and there will be something new, but if you listen to my latest, you’ll agree that album takes a lil time to digest.

R.D.: Who would say is your favorite artist or musician?

S.S.: Stevie Wonder. A lot of people think Micheal Jackson is the GOAT, but I feel Wonder had more range and better song writer skills. Micheal had the advantage of being able to see so his dance skills made him the most ENTERTAINING of all time.

R.D.: Other than rap, what is something most people don’t realize you do?

S.S.: I engineer, you know, Mix and Master. I also produce and have been since 8. I won best male dancer in my highschool yearbook haha.

R.D.: Have you thought about acting or directing a film?

S.S.: Yes, I suck with memory though, so I’m unsure.

R.D.: What would you love to do the most for your community?

S.S.: Create more mental health facilities and rehabilitation centers in Newark and East Orange, then Camden.

R.D.: Any inspiring words for the generation coming up after you?

S.S.: Trust The Weird Kid,  He’s Onto Something.

R.D.: Can you bless us with an exclusive (video) freestyle?

S.S.: Sorry, I want to, but I have too much going on at the moment. Not that it’s not important, but there’s a lot of content on

R.D.: Thank you for your time…once again we appreciate you!

S.S.: God Bless you and nothing, but love to you and your loved ones.

Pay close attention to this young star in the making…Samad Savage, everyone!

Community SHOUT OUT! Mahir’s Barbershop in Montclair, NJ


Mahir’s Barbershop has been a well-known staple in the community for many years. It’s located in the section of Montclair, NJ – affectionately called South End – which is a business center. We would like to give a special shout out and send our appreciation to Mahir’s for showing our brand love! Be sure to ask for Mahir or Norm to get your fresh cut…Bless up!